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MyEpic Rewards – FAQ

How does it work?   Once you’re a member, you’ll earn 5 points per $1 spent at Epic Wings. Earn points automatically when you order on our mobile app,, or in-store. Just give your phone number or code at the register. You can redeem your points for free menu items.
How do I join?  There are 3 ways to join:





  1. Download our Epic Wings app [App Store] [Google Play
  2. Go to 
  3. Text your email to 619-314-5015
Do I need a smartphone to join?   Nope. While our mobile app is undeniably epic, you can still earn those points and redeem rewards by ordering online or in-store. 
How do I look-up my account or edit my profile?   You can access and edit your account information here.
What extra perks are included?  You get free Fresh-cut Fries for joining, free Epic Fries for your Birthday and when you Refer a Friend. *  
How are points earned?  You earn points by purchasing any menu item. Promotions and discounts do apply. You can earn points for up to 3 transactions per day and there is no point limit.    
What items are not eligible to earn points?  Purchasing gift cards, alcohol, delivery fees, and tips are not eligible to earn points or purchases made on third-party delivery platforms (such as DoorDash or UberEats).  
What if points are missing in my account? Points can take up to 48 hours to appear in your account. If points are still missing, click here and fill out this form to request your points or contact us at
Can I earn points if I pay with a gift card?  Yes. You can use a gift card to pay for your order and earn points. 
What can I redeem?  Points can be redeemed for free menu items, like Epic Fries, and of course wings! Visit the Rewards section in the app or online to redeem your points.  
Can I use multiple rewards in one order?  You can use multiple rewards in-store, however online/app orders only allow for one reward per order. 
Can I get points back?   Points can’t be returned, transferred, or applied for past purchases. So, choose your reward with care, for once redeemed, it’s yours and yours only to enjoy!  
Do points & rewards expire?    Yes, points expire in 1 year of no purchase activity and rewards expire 60-days after redeeming. The time to redeem is now!  
Is it possible to combine multiple accounts into one Rewards account?   No. Accounts cannot be combined or transferred.  
Will friends know if I referred them?     Yep! They’ll get an email mentioning you and what they get, plus you’ll get an email when they join.  
I’m getting a “username could not be found” error message when signing in but receiving promotional emails    If you use an Apple iCloud email address, you may need to update your email information on your account. If you cannot log in, contact
How do I find my Username? Your Username is your email address.
Email us at

Registration Reward: Get free Fresh-cut fries with a $5 minimum purchase, available on your next visit.
Birthday Reward: Get free Epic Fries redeemable once during your Birthday month.
Refer a Friend Reward: Free Epic Fries when a Friend makes their first purchase of $5 or more.